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Big Screen



Wara l-Aħħar tad-Dinja

Building directly on the success of the TV Series Deċeduti, 'Deċeduti Wara l-aħħhar tad-Dinja' was Take2's long awaited leap from TV to the big screen. Launched on the 20th of December 2012, in time for the Christmas releases, the movie was an immediate success, topping the local charts for over eight weeks. The romantic/ supernatural comedy tells the story of how Gable Tonna, the 1970's ghostly gardener of the newly rebuilt villa, falls head over heels in love with a living human and in a quest to be with her he eventually regains his own humanity and a second chance at happiness.

"Not quite so deceased"

Simon De Cesare

Director and General Manager Eden Leisure Group

“We have worked with Take2 on a variety of projects as content developer and exhibitor. These projects have varied from individual screenings of TV series to the screening of a full length feature film which broke most records for a local production in terms of attendance and revenue. I have found the members of the team to be extremely professional and dedicated to their work while being open to working with us to make each event a huge success."



The Bulwark of the Last Crusade

Funded by the Malta Film Fund, Bulwark is a fifty minute long docudrama on the history of Valletta, Malta's Capital. Filmed on location all across the islands, The docudrama focuses on the years directly
preceding the building of the great city and on the events that brought about its construction. Set to be launched in 2013 Bulwark was certainly one of the biggest challenges Take2 ever embarked upon involving extensive research and meticulous recreation of historical environments including large scale battle scenes.