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Create, motivate, make it happen.

Take2 is an independent production house founded late in 2008 by Carlos Debattista and Abigail Mallia, two individuals with solid knowledge of the audiovisual sector, as well as extensive experience in concept creation and storytelling.

The company operates within the local audiovisual industry offering a number of services including high level TV Series (both drama and comedy), TV Commercials, Corporate Features, Music Videos and more.

In the four years since its founding the company has gained a reputation for unparalleled quality and professionalism with the start up project ‘L-Evanġelisti’ having gleaned much acclaim from the general public and competitors alike, as well as carrying off a record 8 awards at the 2010 Malta TV Awards.

2011 and 2012 were exceptional years for Take2.  In 2011, the writing team took the radical decision to switch from drama to comedy and in October 2011 Take2 launched a brand new TV sitcom named 'Deċeduti' that aired on the national station, TVM. 'Deċeduti' obtained unprecedented success and soon went viral. In line with Take2’s strategy 'Deċeduti' ran for two seasons to become perhaps the biggest local TV phenomenon of recent years.


The virally contagious fan-fever that was 'Deċeduti' was voted ‘Most Watched Program over all in Malta and Gozo’ in the 2011  Broadcasting Authority Survey, placing ahead of established productions the likes of ‘Xarabank’ and ‘F'Salib It-Toroq’. It was also voted ‘Best Drama overall’ in the Media Warehouse Survey 2011. 'Deċeduti' attained a peak audience of 160,000 viewers, which meant that almost half the population of the islands were actually following the series. This fact was further attested by the overwhelming attendance of the 'Deċeduti' ​premiers where fans of all ages enjoyed the rare opportunity of meeting up with the cast and crew. Premier events were held in Malta and Gozo and these were attended by several thousands. The 2010 Gozo open day was attended by a record crowd of around 10,000 people.

Building on their success, in 2012 Take2 launched its third major production to date, the highly experimental and quirky oddball comedy variety show 'Min Imissu?!'. Drawing heavily upon popular and political satire, 'Min Imissu?!' was yet again an immediate success story once more raising the bar in local television standards.


Take2 made the momentous leap from Television to Cinema early in 2013 with the full feature movie 'Deċeduti: Wara l-Aħħar tad-Dinja'. A spin off from the popular series 'Deċeduti', the movie was a great success topping the local charts for a full eight weeks and a record at the local box office.


More recently Take2 launched the 20 minute long Music Film ‘Marija s-Sabiħa’. Set to a song written and produced by ‘No Bling Show’ where rapid-fire, hard hitting Maltese Rap is combined with the nostalgic lament-like quality of 'Għana' (folk singing), it yields a unique blend of art in music form. Shot in full HD 1080p resolution, the film became an instant YouTube phenomenon clocking some 40,000 views in its first three days.

The Take2 creative team is presently writing a second full length screenplay intended for international distribution.

The major strengths of the company are its highly skilled and thoroughly dedicated team of producers, writers, editors, directors, camera persons, actors, designers, CGI developers, all imbued with a deep sense of camaraderie and a wholehearted commitment towards excellence and innovation.


The Take2 Mission Statement is a simple and straightforward declaration:

Create, Motivate, Make It Happen.

A​ndrew Azzopardi

Senior Lecturer at the University of Malta

"​I have always been impressed by Take Two’s ability to give the highest importance to everything they commit themselves to. I consider Take Two to be a production house with highly intelligent ideas, enterprising, creative, assiduous and conscientious. The ‘person’ remains at the centre of all their work. Extraordinary!"

Excerpts from the 2009 Portfolio

A This is what industry professionals and local entrepreneurs had to say about Take2's work.