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A fast paced action drama that tells the story of the four members of a gang of art robbers known as the Evangelists on account of their choosing churches as their preferred targets. Eight years after their last heist, gone terribly wrong, with the gang leader Massimo ending up wounded and eventually jailed for eight years, the four are reunited for a final reckoning with themselves and their turbulent past. Applauded for its innovative style and controversial themes, L-Evanġelisti won great acclaim among viewers and critics and carried off 8 awards at the 2010 Malta Television Awards.

Malta Television Awards 2010

L-Evanġelisti was the winner of the majority of the awards during the show.​

Personalities on L-Evangelisti

This is what personalities had to say about 'L-Evangelisti' Season 1.


Front Covers

Maruska Mallia

One of the most prominent actresses in Malta

"Ever since I watched the series L-Evanġelisti, I fell in love with Take2 and their work. They are very professional and their work is excellent from all aspects: very good scripts, amazing editing, perfect direction, the whole package. I am very proud to have worked with them as an actress, and I look forward to working with them again in future projects."



The oddball comedy that took the island by storm between 2011 and 2012 becoming one the greatest local television sensations. Deċeduti tells the story of how a group of ghosts find themselves dispossessed when the current owner, the foppish crook Percival, demolishes the stately edifice to replace it with a block of
apartments which he then peoples with the quirkiest tenants imaginable. The dead, robbed of their beloved manor and the living, hoodwinked into the haunted block, must learn to coexists in a sort of belligerent
partnership as together they scheme and plot the downfall of Percival.

Deċeduti most watched!

Deceduti tops the 2010 'Media Warehouse' survey.

Deċeduti Eurovision 2010

Deceduti actors doing imitations of past winners during the show.


Front Covers

Michael Cooperson

Professor at UCLA

"Deċeduti is brilliant. The present-day characters are already funny all by themselves. But when you throw in the ghosts who haunt their block of flats—from Amelia the imperious Spanish noblewoman to Ciccio the WWII pilot to Gable the flower child—you get a show that succeeds as pop theology as well as social comedy. In the afterlife imagined by Deċeduti, God is a woman and being gay doesn’t seem to be much of a problem. At its best, popular culture doesn’t just reflect where a society is: it helps people think about where they’ve come from and where they’re going. Deċeduti does all that, while being endlessly fun to watch. Proset!


Min Imissu?!

Perhaps one of the most daring and innovative programs ever to air on Maltese Television, Min Imissu?! combined high torque humour and wanton irreverence to produce a hard hitting, no holds barred brand of satire that targeted everyone and anyone within reach in the Maltese social arena. Politicians, actors, singers and other personalities were subjected to all sorts of pranks and sketches, interviewed by the likes of 'Lou John Bindi' and 'Mariella Tpaxxi u Tgħaxxaq'. A resounding success with local audiences, 'Min Imissu?!' ran for a full two
seasons over 2012.

MC Mariella Tpaxxi u Tgħaxxaq

One of Mariella's highlights during the 'Min Imissu?!' show.

Kelli Ngħix

A forty-five minute mini docudrama series that recounted through candid interviews and terse re-enactments real life and death stories, 'Kelli Ngħix' (I Was Meant to Live) gave us the opportunity to meet with everyday heroes, and recount their struggles in the face of impossible odds and daunting challenges. The program aired over 2012 and was
once again received with great enthusiasm by audiences and critics.


Is-Sajf mas-Salv

This forty-five minute light hearted documentary, aired over the summer of 2012, followed the exuberant and bubbly TV presenter Salvu Mallia in a ribald saunter through the Maltese summer across the islands. A well balanced mix of informative content and ready humor 'Is-Sajf mas-Salv' (Summer with Salvu) ran for 13 episodes over the summer months and is set to make its reappearance in the summer of 2013. Stay tuned!


Kartolini for the 'Malta Euro Song' 2010.